Books & Articles

Exploring Solutions: Gun Violence

ReferencePoint Press (2023)

“Stephan takes on one of the most vexing social and political problems in America today: gun violence. She does an excellent job of providing background and contextual information. Some of that information is familiar, though some might be surprising… The heart of the book, however, is her treatment of possible solutions to what many regard as an impossible problem… Altogether, the book is timely and invaluable for use in classrooms”—Booklist

Americans agree on the need to reduce gun violence, but political divisions have made it difficult to make progress. This book discusses specific solutions, the rationale behind these ideas, how they are supposed to work, and views on their strengths and weaknesses.

Ages 11 – 14

Cyberattacks and Cyberscams: Is There An End In Sight?

ReferencePoint Press (2022)

“A crisp, concise, and coherent guide.”—Kirkus Reviews 

Cybertechnology has supercharged traditional crimes and aggressions. It has also enabled new kinds of scams, extortion, and nation-state attacks. Using current events, this book explores crime, espionage, and warfare in cyberspace and how to defend against it.

Ages 11 – 14

Pandemic Report Card: Successes and Failures

ReferencePoint Press (2022)

Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have ranged from useful to damaging. Using personal stories and research studies, this book examines pandemic successes and failures in public health, the economy, and science. The lessons COVID-19 has taught can help Americans prepare for future pandemics, which experts say are inevitable.

Ages 11 – 14

Mansa Musa’s Golden Journey

Spider Magazine (February 2022)

Mansa Musa’s 14th century gold-laden journey through Africa changed what the world thought of West Africa and also changed West Africa itself. 

Stand Up for Animal Welfare

ReferencePoint Press (2021)

Some animals suffer in cages, lack basic necessities, or endure mistreatment for the sake of entertainment or profit. Teens have the power to speak for the voiceless and defend the vulnerable. Stand Up for Animal Welfare includes personal accounts from teen activists and others as it introduces readers to the issue, the activists, the tools of the trade, and the risks and rights of activism.

Ages 11 – 14

Ask A Crowd and Predicting Cookie Sales: A Math Puzzle

Muse Magazine (July/August 2021)

When it comes to predictions, crowds can often do better than experts.

When Good Science Goes Bad

Muse Magazine (July/August 2018)

Shrinking classes seemed like a good idea until it went all kinds of wrong.