About Me

I write nonfiction for kids and young adults. I love big ideas, fun facts, and puzzles. Drawing on research and kids’ experiences, I explore how we interact with the worlds we live in. I’ve written about education, economics, ancient civilizations, and the history of fashion. In my writing, I try to show what’s special in the mundane and what’s relatable in the special.

Before I wrote for kids, I was a social science researcher. I wrote about many of the same things I do today but for adults. Because I love to read, write, and research, I went to school for a long time. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and in German Literature from Vassar College, a master’s degree in Economics from Princeton University, and a doctorate from Northwestern University in Human Development and Social Policy.

I grew up in Denver with sunshine and mountains. Now, I live outside Chicago with my husband, two daughters, a cat named Pumpkin Pie, and lots of books.

Photography: Martha Abelson